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About Us

Year 1978 in the annual headed to our company, by signing a policy in Turkey 10 Watts and 25 Watts of small electric motors and plastic windows of our work company started with the production of hoods in 1987 with a turkey with a serious investment in the first scroll fans and its range of products by adding üretmini in motorlarını 625 out of variety

TURKEY TURKISH Industry has moved the bar in the market with over 40 years of global marketing experience and understanding of the industry by adding new models to production every day in order to provide better service even higher. In this direction, it provided support to nearly 300 sub-industrialists. Since its establishment, the company and its product development has been able to build on customer expectations, and accelerated R & D efforts to adapt to the developing technology and market conditions.

Quality studies documenting the PMS brand in domestic and bringing our company into a brand known abroad, which carries the name of the turkey to Europe, with a variety of products and technologies in the industry in Europe has managed to enter the top 10.

In 1999 turkey from the world, in many countries of the world participating in trade fairs for the world to see that believes in the necessity to make the turkey and exports to 25 countries as a result of these fairs.

Our aim is to meet the needs of the sector by providing products that meet the quality standards and meet the economic conditions. On this day, we see that there are many principles that we must sign in front of us. We are working with enthusiasm a little more every day with the passion to realize them.

The professional management approach of our company has become a valuable and robust structure by merging with the confidence felt by the customers. Our philosophy, our principles, which will provide continuation of this, is the source of our power today. In order to protect our power, our company invests in the future and strives towards the new targets with confidence.